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Welcome to Kate Yoga Studio in Fort Lauderdale

Kate Yoga is a Baptiste Inspired Power Yoga Studio in East Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Most classes in our studio are rooted from Baptiste Yoga methodology. We value and stand by the 3 Themes of Baptiste Yoga: Be a Yes, Drop What You Know and You Are Ready Now.


Voted One of the 10 Best Yoga Studios in Florida

See for yourself!

At Kate Yoga we are a stand for YOU!

All of our classes are designed to leave you feeling more alive and connected to yourself as well as to the world around you.

Because our students come from all walks of life and are from all over the world, Kate Yoga offers you a simple variety of classes to serve the diverse needs of all who enter the doors of the studio.

Whether you are looking for a challenge and are ready to step to your edge in a Power Yoga class, or want to relax and unwind from travel and stress in a Restorative class, we have you covered. Never taken yoga before? You will LOVE our Beginning Yoga class designed to teach you the basics of yoga.

Kate Yoga is not like all the other yoga studios in town. Once you step into the doors of Kate Yoga you will notice the difference. Our studio is small for a reason. Our schedule is simple for a reason. Our teaching staff is compromised of a few individuals who are in alignment with the values of this studio.

Less is more. Quality over quantity. Come in and see for yourself!

After taking my first heated power vinyasa class at Kate’s I was thrilled to have found this amazing studio. The instructors are incredibly warmhearted and the atmosphere on the mat was exactly what I needed.

Justin M.

Kate Yoga is wonderful! The instructors are all knowledgeable and friendly and willing to guide as needed.

Kathy S.

I love Kate Yoga! The studio is very nice and clean. Kate’s power vinyasa classes are challenging and fun. Kate is very enthusiastic and is an inspiring instructor. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to start yoga or wants a great workout.

Cindy S.

I love Kate Yoga! The studio is absolutely beautiful and the instructors are amazing. I highly recommend you go and take a class. You will feel incredible afterwards!

Lisa M.

These people care!

Michelle G.